Today we had a very hot day at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. With the temperatures reaching the mid 90’s, we made sure to get as much done in the morning as possible before it got too hot, so we sun-screened up and sang our morning songs promptly upon arrival, and got our day under way.

To begin the day, we went fishing, something many of the campers were eagerly awaiting. With it being so hot out, the fish were not feeling too active, so the fishing was slow, but our patience paid off, and a camper hooked a large Crappie! Content with our spoils, we ate a nice leisurely lunch in the gazebo.

After lunch, we retreated from the heat into the nature center at the RMA to enjoy their great displays and air conditioning. It was a great break from the heat and everybody learned more about the history of the RMA.

As the day came to a close, everyone began talking anxiously about the trip to Eldorado Canyon tomorrow, a first for many of our campers! It sounds like it will again be a hot day, so everyone agreed to drink lots of water and get a good night’s rest!

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