Rocky Mountain Arsenal was a great place for the juniors to go today for our Tree themed week. We started the day with a sun screen party, songs and a game.  Once the morning rituals were over the juniors transitioned into creating cool labels for their water bottle’s with markers and stickers. This took up a good portion of the morning and we were able to have lunch afterwards.  The  juniors seemed very energized and full from lunch so we went on a nice long hike to the other pond that is offered at the arsenal. We settled underneath the shade of some beautiful cotton wood trees and played a game where kids were blind folded and taken to a tree to use their senses to try to remember all the characteristics of the tree they were in front of. Then the campers were taken back the a picnic table and unmasked. They were then asked to try to find the tree they were getting to know when they had the blind fold on. This led into a good talk about trees and what they offer to all living things. We eventually headed back to the visitors center for some quiet stories about trees and a snack. We were brought back to the green afterwards and enjoyed resting in the shade and playing some after camp games. Tomorrow will be a scorcher so drink plenty of water tonight. See you soon!

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