Today the Explorers had a great climbing and pool day!  The campers started the day off at Vanguard School with some songs including “The Princess Pat” and “Baby Shark” to start pool day off!  We then played “Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur” and Blog Tag as a group.  Both groups got a chance to climb the wall and all the campers did a great job climbing!  When the cabin groups weren’t climbing the campers got to explore the wet marsh trail and play “I Spy” for things in nature.

The campers then went onto the pool where we had many Sunscreen Parties and lots of time to play in the water!  When campers weren’t in the pool they learned how to make lanyards.  Some of the campers are very advanced with lanyards and can even do six stitches at once!  We had carrots for a snack and spent a little extra time on the bus at the Stapleton Green due to the rainstorm and sang some extra songs.  The campers really enjoyed climbing and swimming and everyone had a great day!

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