Our visit to Morrison Nature Center today marked the end of our week with some fun animal sightings and great hiking. We started our day with lots of sun screen, songs and a game.
Once the kids were ready with lots of water in their bellies we headed to the trail. As soon as we stepped foot on the dirt we saw two fawns crossing a creek very close by. A few steps later we found a toad which we picked up and checked out together.
We stopped at a beautiful spot which was covered by lots of shade and ate our final lunch of the week together conversing about animals and trees. We took a way back that brought us to lots of tree stumps where the kids learned about tree rings and how to tell how old a tree is. We also found a friendly millipede which we all got to hold and take care of.
We all hiked back to our shelter and played some fun dress up pretend games with costumes and fun made up themes. We were picked up around noon and taken to Fletcher Elementary for a nice quiet time on comfortable floor mats for stories and guitar.
The Juniors then had a good time transitioning into our tree activity by sitting together and coloring some fun tree print outs. The group sang songs together and talked about their favorite parts of camp.
We were dropped off at the green a bit early to play some end of day quiet games on the grass and to say their goodbyes. It was a great ending to a very fun week! See you soon!

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