To get us in the mood for Pool Day today, the Juniors sang Have You Ever Been A-Fishing first thing this morning. We played a few games of spiders and flies before making our very own crazy sunglasses for our walk to the pool. We ordered our Yummy Gummy Bug Gorp for later, and had lots of time for free play. After an early lunch, we trekked over to the pool and applied lots of sunscreen before our swim screen. We all put our heads in the water and blew bubbles, kicked while holding the wall, and swam around a counselor to test our  swimming strength. In the pool, we played all kinds of games with our counselors and junior leaders, and we even tested out the water umbrella and the duck slide. We were sure to drink lots of water and reapply sunscreen. Our junior leader read a classic Dr. Seuss story. We talked about which body parts we used today–a lot of bones were used when we swam! And then, in the words of one camper, we mixed gorp, and we eated it. Bye!

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