Today the Denver Explorers went into beautiful El Dorado Canyon.  It was a great day starting on the bus with singing “Titanic” and “Feeling Groovy”.  The campers then had a sunscreen party and did some bouldering in the morning.  All the campers did an amazing job bouldering and were very skilled!

In the afternoon we had a bit of  a downpour but luckily there’s many trees in El Dorado and we had some playtime and stayed quite dry under them.  The campers then went on a hike to find many pine cones and everyone was excited to meet the Boulder bus driver, Ed.  He now has some number one fans among the Explorers!  The Cheetah group spent some time mixing their GORP recipe today and making a watershed.  The Group that Has No Name spent more time exploring and hiking.   The day ended with some more songs on the bus including “Titanic” and “Lima Bean.  The campers were also very sleepy, so that must be a sign of an adventurous day!

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