In the first hours at camp, the Juniors Got Loose and sang Peanut Butter Reese’s Cup before a reprise of our insect week favorite, Spiders and Flies. Base Camp was a busy place today, so we took a few minutes to watch the concrete mixer pour for a wall next to the playground. We painted our insect egg and placed a fuzzy grub inside. We then climbed our own, significantly taller, wall, Wally! Every camper did a superb job of braving the heights and shouting “Coming down!” before descending. We took this week’s shortest trek to our shady lunch spot, and had free play in the lush grass beneath those trees. In the beginning of the afternoon, we checked in on the concrete wall, singed and decorated our code and shield, then we rescued Buggeder through a mini-teambuilding activity where we had to pour water from one cup to another, careful to keep our delicate sponge bug alive! Everyone worked extraordinarily well together. This afternoon was full of surprises, when the playground woke up from its months-long nap to let us play on it for a few minutes. We gathered all of our thoughts and shared our favorite moments from camp this week before we hatched our egg. During the day, our grub had become click beetles! Each of them went home with a camper, so watch out for their clicking. We sang On Top of Spaghetti, with Tommy accompanying on guitar, and then snacked on gorp made by our Junior Leaders. It was extra tasty. Have a great weekend and hope to see you on Monday!

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