The Juniors hopped on the bus at Base Camp with the Eldorado Campers and we all headed out to Marshall Mesa for some songs and group games. We sang “Baby Shark” and “The Swimming Song”, and then we played Heel-Toe Tag, and everyone did a great job of walking heel to toe without falling over!  We then hopped back on the bus and drove up to the pool at Eldorado Canyon. After a fantastic sunscreen party we all took our swim tests and then were able to have a blast at the pool! We went down the super fast slide and played some volleyball with the beach balls, floated on noodles and sat in the warm sun. Lunchtime was in the shade by the river, and boy were we hungry! After lunch we sunscreened up again and headed back in the pool! We spent the rest of the time going down the slide and having our Junior Leaders catching us at the end. Finally Ed drove us back to Base Camp where we changed and had a yummy snack of cold carrots. As always, we ended with a whispered version of “On Top of Spaghetti”. Tomorrow we are heading out to Walden Ponds and we will do some climbing!

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