The Denver Juniors headed to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal today for lots of fun and discovery. When we got to the site we had a sun screen party, played blind eagle and did a fun stretching game to get ready for a fun hike.
When we finished our games we started on our hike to the lake. As we reached the lake we all got to see a family of raccoons in the water looking for food. We handed out bird books and binoculars to do some bird watching and the kids shared and pointed out what they had found. We had a great lunch next to the lake with a beautiful view and talked more about birds.
After lunch we hiked back and made bird homes and also played a game where we rubber banded the campers thumbs and had them try to do simple tasks. We had them try to open their backpacks and draw a picture to show them what it felt like to be a bird and not have thumbs.
After the activity it was time to head inside the visitors center for our quiet time. We read stories, had a snack, talked more about the rules and sang our end of day songs. It was another great day at Altogether Outdoors. See you tomorrow for pool day!

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