The Juniors had a fun day checking out Bluff lake and swimming in the pool on Thursday. We began our morning at Bluff Lake with a sun screen party and songs which included the swimming song to get us ready for the pool later in the day.
The juniors began our hike headed for the lake to see what birds we could find with our binoculars and bird books. When we arrived at the observation deck we saw beautiful groups of pelicans, geese, ducks, snowy egrets and double crested cormorants.
Once we had our share of bird sightings we went back to the shelter and had a nice shaded lunch to get energized for our day at the pool. When we finished our lunch we loaded back on the bus and headed to the pool.
We had a great day swimming around until we had to get out early due to hazardous bodily material found in the pool. We were picked up again and taken to Fletcher Elementary and had a nice quiet time where we read stories, colored, and sang our end of day songs.
The bus picked us up right on time and took us back to the Stapleton Green for some more fun at Altogether Outdoors after camp. It was the end to another fun day. Drink plenty of water and get good rest for another fun and hot day tomorrow! We are headed to pool again!

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