We started our day out at Sawhill Ponds to go fishing! We began our morning songs with ‘Peanut Butter Reece’s Cup’, ‘Little Green Frog’ and ‘Boom-Chicka-Boom’.

We sun screened  and headed to the pond to fish. Eric’s group caught lots of fish, Aly’s group caught lots of fish and Lily’s group learned to cast with the fly fishing rods. Jen was very excited to teach campers and staff how to fly fish! A special thanks to Ed for all of his fishing expertise!

Some groups started planning and practicing their skits, they will be preforming!

After lunch we headed back to base camp for the afternoon. Cabin groups put together their contribution for the time capsule. Each session makes a time capsule to be opened by next year’s session of the same number! (this is session 3, next year’s session 3 will open the capsule). We all did crafts and Eric’s group mixed the gorp they ordered and we all enjoyed it for afternoon snack! They call it “gorp gorp”!

We ended the day singing ‘Bubble Bee Tuna’, Baby Bumble Bee’ and of course Spaghetti!

All of the campers seem very tired, after such a long exciting week!

Tomorrow we will preform our skits and close up this amazing session!

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