The Juniors went in to Eldorado Canyon where we all sang the “1 Hen, 2 Ducks” and played a matching game with the rest of camp. Next we got ready for our hike up Fowler Trail, so we played some water games and put on lots of sunscreen. As we headed towards our trail we played Caterpillar, and everyone stopped to admire all the butterflies around us. On the trail we saw some deer tracks, as well as some dog tracks and people tracks. Our campers also spotted several climbers and even a few spiders along the trail. Back at the canyon we ate lunch, then Ed picked us up and brought us back to Base Camp, just before the rain! Next we made T-Rex puppets, which were adorable! Finally, we mixed our Gorp that we ordered and and sang our last round of On Top of Spaghetti. We hope to see you guys again soon!

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