Today was the last day of Eldorado Canyon Session 3!!! We started the day with a few all camp songs and a matching game, in which campers broke into pairs and mimicked the handshakes that Jen yelled out.  Next, cabins broke into their cabin groups.  The No Name Fireball Dragons made journals.  Meanwhile The  Darkside Troopers hiked the Fowler Trail and The Orange Cowboy Pickles of Extreme Mountain Awesomeness hiked down the main Eldo road to the cave.

Around mid-day the cabin groups reunited around the Altogether Outdoors stage.  Each group preformed a short skit and contributed an item to the Eldorado Canyon Session 3 time capsule.  After the skits, groups dispersed for closing activities before eating some incredible gorp and singing our final songs.

And so ended an amazing session at Altogether Outdoors Eldorado Canyon.

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