The Juniors showed up today charged and ready for more climbing and swimming. We were picked up in the morning and taken to the Vanguard School to begin our day with a sun screen party, some fun songs and climbing. When we got there the climbing wall was nowhere to be seen, so we did some fun exploring of the ditch behind the school which was severely flooded from yesterday’s rain storm.
By the time we returned to Vanguard Wally the wall was set up and ready to be climbed. The kids had a really fun time on the wall and got quite close to the top. We took off our harness’s and helmets and sat in a nicely shaded area to eat lunch. We all filled up our bodies with nutritious food which gave us lots of great energy for the pool.
We were then taken to the F-15 pool to get sun screened and learn the swimming rules. Once the Juniors were ready there was no hesitation to jump in and water exploded all over the counselors who were sitting near by. It was a great day at the pool to see the campers swimming and playing well together.
We left the Pool and headed to Fletcher Elementary for some quiet stories, snack and a fun bird beak activity. The kids were given small tools which resembled bird beaks and had to pick up beads of different sizes to model what size food birds were able to eat. Once the birds filled their bellies we had a restroom break and got back on the bus to be taken back to the Stapleton Green.
The Denver Juniors did a great job getting to know one another and learned how to play and learn with each other all week long. It was another really fun and successful week at Altogether Outdoors Summer Camp!

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