Today was our first day of Session 4 in Denver, and what a great start it was! We all met up for the first time at the Stapleton Green, loaded up on the bus, and headed to our first day destination, the Morrison Nature Center. Like every day at camp, we started our activities with a sunscreen party and songs. The songs were a big hit, and got everyone energized and ready for the day!

With so much energy to spare, we decided to go on an adventure to explore the surroundings. We all loaded up on water and headed into the Wetland Preserve. Along the way we saw many cool things, including a giant bullfrog, many minnows, and a turtle! It was a successful hike all in all, and we made it back to the picnic tables just in time for lunch at 11:15.

After lunch, we all decorated our really awesome new water bottles, and crafted our team names (The Mighty Eagles and The Rattlesnake Frogs). This enabled us to all really learn a lot about our fellow campers, and start to form friendships with them.

We finished the day building a giant river drainage system in the dirt as a giant group during free time before afternoon snacks and songs. At the end of the day, everyone was very satisfied with our new groups and new friends, and everyone is looking forward to a day of fishing at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal!

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