Great Start to Session 4!!

We had a great start to session 4, despite the rain! We began the day singing ‘Tarzan’ and ‘One Hen Two Ducks’. We played a fabulous round of ‘Ship/Island’. Campers split into their cabin groups and met their counselors. We played name games and got acquainted with our cabin groups. We decorated water bottles and created group names! Aly’s group are ‘ The extreme mountain hikers of grasshopper pie’ Lily’s group are the ‘Red Raspberries’  and Eric’s group are ‘the Robotic Unicorn Trees’

Rain hit hard this afternoon! We played outside as long as we could, until the lightning hit and we headed for the bus to play Sleeping Bunnies, Detective , and to have our afternoon snack!

We hope the rain holds out tomorrow and we have a dry day!!

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