Today started out very cold and windy, but luckily everyone came prepared with their layers and rain gear. We drove out to the Arsenal where our day began with a sunscreen party and a bathroom break. Next we sang “The Beaver Song”, “The Princess Pat” and “Moose Juice”, and got our day started! We grabbed our water bottles and hiked over to a beautiful fishing spot on the lake. The Mighty Eagles fished first and caught a giant crawfish, and the Rattlesnake Frogs went for a hike where we saw a deer, a skeleton of a deer, and a cormorant. Next the groups switched and we caught more crawfish and saw another deer. The Eagles made some animal shelters and helped patch the fort along the trail. Afterwards we all met up and headed back to our gazebo for lunch, and boy were we hungry.

After lunch we had some free time and we built another fort near our lunch spot. It was pretty awesome! Next we played some Hide and Seek with the binoculars, while some other campers made some ant villages. Later we packed up and headed into the nature center, where we learned about all sorts of animals and got to crawl in a prairie dog tunnel. We also created and signed our group codes, and then we had some yummy snack. Finally we did and animal scavenger hunt and ended our day with some closing songs, including I Love the Mountains and of course, On Top Of Spaghetti. Tomorrow we are off to Eldorado Canyon for a great day of bouldering and exploring.

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