Today the Juniors had a fun filled day climbing and going to the pool! We started the day off at Vanguard School with some morning songs and then the juniors all got a chance to climb the rock wall. They did a great job and got really high on the wall! The campers also got a chance to explore and hike around the wetlands near the school and birdwatch. After a quick lunch we hopped on the bus and went to the pool!

At the pool the campers had a big sunscreen party and had lots of fun swimming in the water and playing with bubbles at the F15 Pool. After some swim time we went to Fletcher School and had some quiet time with stories and guitar playing. Then we had some carrots for snack and shared our roses and thorns for the day; the campers said they had a great day! We ended the day with some pictures in our camp tee-shirts and headed on the bus to the Green!

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