We had an awesome day at Eldo Pool today! We began our day at Mesa Trailhead, where we sang “The Princess Pat” and “Baby Shark” to wake up. Then, we played Catch the Dragon’s Tail–it was a little complicated, but all of the campers got the hang of it and had a great time! After checking in with our cabin groups about pool rules, we headed to Eldo Pool!

All of the campers, after putting on sunscreen and getting ready to swim, took the swim screen, so that the counselors knew how well each camper could swim, and then we swam all morning, right up until lunch! Campers particularly enjoyed going down the slide, off the diving board, and creating water tunnels in the “hot tub” area of the pool. After lunch, we all re-sunscreened and headed back up to the pool! We enjoyed the hot sun, because the water was a bit chilly! In the afternoon, those campers who wanted to made lanyards, while others swam the day away. Playing in the pool all day was so much fun! We ended the day with some delicious string cheese for snack and some afternoon songs, including “I love the mountains” and of course, that camp favorite “On Top of Spaghetti.”

Tomorrow, we’re back in the canyon–we look forward to seeing everyone there!

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