What an exciting start to our Nature’s Swimmers week in Boulder Junior! We started out with the Turtle Song and the Fishing Song before playing a game of sharks and minnows. After going over our camp rules, we decorated our water bottles. These new friends will stay at camp until the end of the week, so that we are sure that we have cool, fresh water each morning. We took the bus with Ed to Sawhill Ponds, where we had a picnic lunch. We took turns fishing off of the dock. Although none of our campers managed to catch anything (we think the shallows were too hot today for big fish), some of the other fishers there showed us their catches. Other wildlife sightings included a toad and a biiiiiig fish in the pond! Because of the heat, we drank extra water, and our junior leader helped keep us cool with the camp spray bottle. When we got back to camp, we played a round of sleeping bunnies, chose a group name, and had a nice frozen snack. Say hello to The Fourteen Beavers!

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