Today the Juniors explored the Morrison Nature Center. Because it is volcano and rock week, we are implementing games and activities with that theme. We began our beautiful Monday with orientation and songs. The campers learned important camp rules to make our week as safe and fun as possible! The campers learned each ore name with a good meet and greet game. We sang songs like “The beaver song”, and “Peanut butter reeses cup.” Decorating our water bottles was the next activity on the list. The campers got to use stickers and markers among other things to make their water bottles look the way they wanted them to look. A hike through the swamp was the next thing we did. On the hike we saw birds, frogs, tadpoles, and turtles! After our hike we boarded the bus to go to vanguard for some quiet time where we read out of our volcano book and we listen to guitar music. We then made cabin names and our all important camp code. After a long and eventful day, we finish with songs like “A little help from my friends,” and our favorite,” The spaghetti song.” Over, all it was a very fun and exciting day for our juniors!

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