Today the Explorers went to Cherry Creek, where we set up camp in the shade of the trees, since we knew today was going to be a hot one! We sun screened up and then sang our morning songs, Peanut Butter Reece’s Cup and What’s That You Say? Next we played Farmer Sam, which got everyone’s blood pumping. We then went for a hike around one side of the reservoir, where we built a dam and dug some very deep holes in the sand. We also saw some mallards and a pelican. When we got back we had lunch and played some water drinking games, and everyone was pretty tuckered out.

Next we made some sponge bugs and crazy sunglasses, and afterwards we made some animal houses and did a scavenger hunt during free time. Finally it was time to fly our kites. We found an open field that seemed to be the perfect spot. Unfortunately there was not much wind, but we ran and ran and managed to get our kites high up in the air anyways. When the bus arrived we hopped on and sang On Top of Spaghetti during our ride home. Everyone was tired but it was a great fun filled day at Cherry Creek.

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