Today, the Juniors rode the bus all the way to Eldorado Canyon! After singing the Hippo Song and Let Me See that Funky Chicken (What’s that you say?), we played the handshake game. If you ask your camper how many other people they met today, the answer should be everyone, in under a minute! Once we got our water bottles and slathered on some sunscreen, we played freely on the pad for a few minutes. We joined up with the Red Raspberries for a hike down to the cave. We had lunch with the echoes in the shady, cool cave. Before we crossed into the cave, we stopped to watch some rockclimbers making their way up the rock face. Ed, our bus driver, picked us up from the cave area, so we didn’t have to make the long trek back up the hill. Back at base camp, we heard a story read by our Junior Leader, sang two songs (including On Top of Spaghetti), and talked about our day using our mood dudes. Some of us were still a little sleepy from napping on the bus. We woke up a little when we ate snack!

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