Full packs, ninety degree heat, and blistering sun; none of these could dim the Purple Pandas spirit as they set forth for a five mile hike on the Fowler and Doudy Draw trail.

Today was the final day of preparation before the group takes off for their three day and two night trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, and the group rose to the occasion, finishing the hike a full hour quicker than the previous weeks group. ( Sorry Backcountry Monkeys, we still miss ya!)

Following the hike, the group, tired, but in high spirits, went back to Base Camp where Tommy led a group on camp cooking, and Jess led a backpack packing clinic.  After an hour of sweat, and heavy use of claw,” packs were packed and leaning against the wall, ready to go bright and early.

The group concluded with some team-building and went home tired and fulfilled!

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