All the campers went to Rocky Mountain Arsenal today, where we started our morning with Head and Shoulders, Little Spaceship, and The Fishing Song. Next we had a huge sunscreen party and got hydrated for our game, Gold Rush. This game took us about an hour to fully complete, since it involved learning how to work as a team. We finally figured out how to work together and beat the counselors! We did several water breaks throughout, and everyone was pretty exhausted by the time we finished. It was almost time for lunch so we packed up our stuff and headed down to the shady gazebo by the lake.

After lunch we had some free time where we made houses for our sponge bugs an a lady bug we found. Then it was tome for fishing! While one group fished the other looked at owl pellets, and we found bones from several birds and rodents. We also caught a blue gill! Everyone got to touch him and it was pretty cool! Since it was so hot out, we headed into the old nature center where we made some thank you cards and started our own personal journals. We all had some wild and crazy energy, so by the time we finished up snack we were ready to go. We sang our afternoon songs on the bus, and we are all excited for visiting the canyon tomorrow!

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