The Juniors saw breathtaking views and some giant caterpillars up at NCAR today. Because of the blistering heat, we split our time between outside games and songs–like Wax Museum, Baby Shark, and the Little Green Frog– and looking at the cool weather exhibits inside to cool, cool building. We ate lunch overlooking the whole Mesa. We even spied a hot air balloon! When we came back to base camp, our Junior Leader read us a fish story before we made our very own pets. Check inside your camper’s backpack and you should find…. a sponge bug! These bugs played in some small ponds, were washed down a river, and survived a waterfall. All this playing in the water sure cooled us off! As always, we wore tons of sunscreen today and drank like we were sponge bugs ourselves. After free play, we cooled down again with some spray bottles, shared our Roses and our Thorns from the day, and ate a quick snack before we headed home. Tomorrow is pool day, so remember your change of clothes and a towel!

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