What a perfect day for the pool! We began the day at Marshall Masa trail head. We sang songs and talked about the pool, and what we could expect when we got there. When we all felt comfortable with the rules and the plan for the day, we headed out to the pool!

The weather was BEAUTIFUL and the campers were VERY well behaved! We swam all morning  like little fish! We took breaks to drink water and re-sunscreen. Counselor Eric was mobbed once again by campers. Apparently he looks like a  water jungle gym!

We ate lunch and worked with our cabin groups to make our cabin shields. They all look AMAZING!! After our  tummies settled and our shields were finished, we headed back to the pool for the rest of the afternoon!

We are excited to go to Sawhill Ponds tomorrow morning to go fishing! We will spend the afternoon team building and creating time capsules at base camp!

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