What a jam-packed Junior day. We started off this morning with rock climbing on our very own wall, named Wally. Every camper did an extraordinary job, climbing so high! While we waited for our turn to climb Wally, we made crazzzzzy sunglasses to wear at the sunny pool. After lunch, we walked over to pool where we splashed, jumped, and swam around for hours. The duck slide and the spray/playground were especially refreshing! Our time at the pool passed in a flash, and we headed back to base camp. We were sure to fill up on water all day long. We had tons of sunscreen parties, too.

We sang these songs today: the Swimming Song, the Bean/Dog Song, and On Top of Spaghetti, of course. We played What Time is It, Mr. Shark? and heard Rainbow Fish for the story today.

Be sure to check out pictures of climbing and the pool. Rest up!

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