Today we went to Sawhill Ponds to go fishing! We began the day singing ‘Around the World’ the ‘Bumblebee Song’ and an spanish speaking song that Lily taught us. We put on extra extra sunscreen and played a camp favorite game called ‘Categories’. After sunscreen and game we broke into cabin groups to go fishing!

When groups were waiting to fish, or had finished fishing, they caught bugs, made paper bag puppets, and made sponge bugs!

It total we caught 10 fish camp wide! Good catch campers!

After lunch and after all groups had a chance to fish, we loaded back on the bus and headed to base camp to work on our time capsule contributions and play some team building games. We at a yummy afternoon snack and sang afternoon songs.

Everyone drank lots and lots of water and wore lots and lots of sunscreen. Today was very hot but we all beat the heat by being the coolest campers ever!

Tomorrow we will present our skits, time capsules and close this amazing session!

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