Welcome to the ninth week of camp! For the Juniors, that meant starting the day at Base Camp with two songs: Get Loose and Tarzan. We played a round of Tree Tag to begin our week about Towering Trees. After we learned the camp rules, we got a chance to decorate our water bottles! Everyone was so creative with the colors and shapes that they chose. The water bottles will sleep  here all week, so we’ll be sure to have cool water in the morning. We piled into the bus to travel to NCAR, where we saw beautiful views of the forested foothills around us. On our way back down to Base Camp we sang and napped in the bus. Our Junior Leader read us a story about a very generous tree (you’d probably recognize it) and we named our group. We had time to sing a round of On Top of Spaghetti and eat snack before heading home. Say hello to your new Awesome Gold Colorado Baseball Diamonds!

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