Today at camp the Juniors started their day off at Chautaqua Park for some songs and games!  To follow our tree theme the campers sang “Three Short Neck Buzzards” which was great!  Then we played a quick game of “Whose Missing” where one camper hid behind a tree with a counselor and the other campers had to guess who was hiding.  The campers did a great job and know everyone’s names very well!  We then went on a hike to the Enchanted Mesa Trail to look at the Towering Trees and ate lunch on the trail.

After leaving the park we came back to Base Camp for some quiet time with stories.  The campers then played the game “Mango Mango” to mingle with one another and get to know what they had in common for example their favorite color.  After the game we took our camp picture with our AO Camp T-shirts which came out great!  Then we had a debrief of the day and had snack followed by end of day songs.  The day went very well and the campers had a fun day!  We look forward to pool day tomorrow.

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