We had a great swimming day today!  We started out our day with a short hike, then got ourselves in the mood for swimming with the Swimming Song.  After a game of Categories, we jumped back on the bus and headed for the pool.  It was a perfect pool day, with a mix of sun and clouds but no more than a sprinkling of rain.  Everyone enjoyed using the big red slide, jumping off the diving board, and swimming with their friends.

While at the pool we saw a couple celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. They were jumping into the pool, going off the diving board, and sliding down the slide…All in their formal wear! the woman was dressed in her wedding gown and her husband had on fdress pants, shirt and tie! It was a spectacle to say the least!

We spent some time after lunch making lanyards and friendship bracelets, then jumped back in the pool for another cooling swim before packing up, eating our snack, and finishing with day with a rousing chorus of On Top Of Spaghetti.

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