The Meadow was as scenic and majestic as it ever was.  Dramatic billows of clouds built up most of the day, but only a light drizzle resulted; a nice treat for such hot weather.  The “Port-o-Potties” got to hike with Ed and Jess to an interesting historical artifact.  There was an old rusty car that had been used by robbers in the 1950s as a get-away car.  Apparently, a high speed chase between burglars and cops ended when the car swerved off the side of the road. rolling down the hill until an aspen tree stopped their descent.  No one was hurt, but the car remains an interesting piece of history to explore.  Afterwards, the group flew kites hundreds of feet into the air, and searched for grasshoppers and ladybugs to trap and stare at through plastic magnifying glasses.  Post lunch, the group learned about seed dispersal and got to test their trust and bravery in the “Zombie Run.”  “The Citrus” Group had a fun day as well, and got to fly kites, decorate puzzle pieces and relax in crazy creeks under the canopy.

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