Hey hey hey, how you doin’ today!?

Today is Friday, July 29th.  About two hours ago we The Pick Pickled Raisons arrived back in Boulder after an amazing two night three day backpacking trip.  We hiked through rain, sunshine, and cloudy skies.  We saw lakes, streams, and waterfalls, snow-covered mountains, boulder fields, and rainbow trout.

We carried in our backpacks food, tents, clothes, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, flashlights, stoves, fuel, and first aid.  On day one we hiked the steep trails all the way to Fern Lake.  When we got to our site we made it our own.  Over an amazing dinner of pita pizzas we encountered friendly squirrels who we named and adopted as pets.

Day two started off with a relaxing breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes.  Later we took a day hike to the beautiful Odessa Lake.  That night we told stories over hot chocolate and listened to Pete play the Ukele.

This morning we started off the day with an exceptional breakfast of oatmeal (don’t worry campers got seconds) before making our four mile trek back to the trailhead.  The day was full of the usual repetitive phrases: cinnnnaminnaminnamina, TIMANDOUGTIMANDDOUG, tunnnnnnaaaaa, and boom ding BOOM DING.

When we finally got back to base camp we ate lunch, cleaned out all the gear, decorated our shield, and said many heart felt goodbyes.  And so ended an amazing backpacking trip.  See you next year Fern Lake

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