We had an awesome first full day of sleep away camp! We began our morning with some delicious eggs and coffee cake, then headed back to our cabins to finish our cabin clean up and get ready for the day. When everyone had their water bottles and rain gear, we headed down to the ropes course, where we began our day with some exciting morning songs. We sang “Princess Pat” and “Head and Shoulders, Baby” to get warmed up, and then played a rousing game of Evil-ution…it’s a giant game of rock, paper, scissors!

Once we got warmed up, we headed to the teambuilding challenges on the ropes course–each activity group (different from our cabin groups!) got a chance to go through our three teambuilding challenges. We did the Mohawk Walk, the Jaws Mobile, and the Tar Pit–all of the campers had a great time! After the ropes teambuilding challenges, we headed back up to camp to put our stuff down, and then headed into lunch!

Lunch was wonderful–we had some yummy chicken sandwiches. After lunch, the cabin groups headed back to their cabins for some rest time–everyone was glad for the chance to relax, read, and some even wrote letters home! After rest hour, everyone changed into their swimsuits and headed towards the camp pool….we had a lovely time swimming in the hot springs-fed pool. Check out the Photos to see campers playing water volleyball, water basketball, and doing some crazy jumps off the diving board!

After swimming, it got a bit rainy, so we headed to the gym to stay nice and dry. We ate some snack, and then campers got a chance to make lanyards, play soccer and basketball, and play in our camp game room–we played air hockey, ping pong, foose-ball, and pool. Luckily, the weather cleared up just in time for everyone to head back to their cabins to wash their hands and get ready for dinner! Dinner was a fun buffet of hot dogs and hamburgers (yum!), and was followed by an extremely exciting Dutch Auction, led by Counselor Tom. A Dutch Auction is kind of like charades, but involves props and the whole group working together to act out a scene or character!

We ended the night with some quieter songs, and headed back to our cabins to make our Codes of Living for the week. Each cabin’s code is created by the campers in that cabin, and says how the campers want to live while they’re at camp. We had such things on the codes as “Be Friends with Everyone,” “Stay with the Group,” and, of course, “Have Fun!” All in all, we had a great full first day at sleep away camp, and we’re excited to be going horseback riding tomorrow!

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