Our first Sunday evening at sleep away camp was a blast! We got to camp around 4:30, separated into our cabin groups, and headed to our cabins to unpack. Each camper got a chance to unpack and change clothes if they wanted, and then we all came to the Commons (or main camp lawn/green space) to decorate our water bottles. They all turned out lovely, and we had great time getting to know each other during the activity. Then, we headed into dinner, where we ate some delicious spaghetti!

After dinner, we headed over to the opera house for our evening program. We began with some fun, more high-energy songs, and then got a chance to relax a little bit while the counselors introduced themselves and Director Tommy welcomed us all to camp. We went over the rules together, and then discussed our daily schedule for camp. The campers were all excited to hear about our different camp activities! We finished the evening with some quieter, closing songs, and then headed back to our cabins to do our opening candlelight ceremony. During the candlelight ceremony, each camper got the chance to share what they are excited about, what they are nervous about, and some of their goals for camp.

After the candlelight ceremony, everyone brushed their teeth and hopped into bed, and we had lights out by 9:15 pm! What an amazing first day!

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