On Tuesday, we woke up early, ate a delicious breakfast, and prepared to go horseback riding! After making sure that everyone had a full water bottle and sunscreen on, we headed to the Mount Princeton Riding Stables to meet our mounts! We did western style horseback riding-the novice riders rode for an hour and a half, while the more experienced riders went for a full two hour ride. It was pretty amazing-every camper learned to turn, stop, and make their horse go! We all wore helmets, and made sure to drink lots of water as we rode through the alpine desert!
After riding, we headed back to camp, where we ate a yummy lunch and then headed back to our cabins for some much needed rest time. Campers got a chance to write letters home, read, and even take a nap if they felt like it. After rest hour, we headed to the Commons to play Gold Rush! Campers worked as a whole team to collect all the gold and keep it away from the gold thieves (who, luckily, were easy to trick if you tried!). It took awhile, but eventually all of the campers worked together and successfully found all of the gold!
After a quick debrief of Gold Rush (campers discussed what worked and didn’t work, and how they could have played differently), we all headed to the gym for some free time. Campers got a chance to play in the game room, make lanyards, play basketball, and had the opportunity to make pinch pots and clay creations if they wanted to. At 6 pm, we headed into the dining hall for dinner-everyone was starving after their big day! After dinner, we had a fun night swim under the evening sky–campers enjoyed watching the sun set while in the pool! We finished our evening by singing taps in the pool, and then showered and headed to bed!

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