Today, after our wonderful breakfast, we waved goodbye because we separated into two groups-the older group of campers went kayaking, while the younger group headed out on a fishing expedition. The kayakers headed to e Rocky Mountain Outdoors Center to get fitted for kayaking gear, while the younger campers learned how to cast fishing rods. they had some awesome casting contests and learned about using different type of bait for different types of fish. Meanwhile, the kayakers learned about all of their gear, and headed to a pond to learn how to do a wet exit and the different kinds of paddle strokes.
Everyone ate a delicious sack lunch today-we enjoyed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and golden apples! Everyone emptied and re-filled their water bottles during lunch-we’re really making sure to stay hydrated! After lunch, the fishing group headed back to camp, where they got a chance to swim and relax in the pool. The kayaking group stayed a the pond until about 3:30, playing several rousing games of “piano” (the campers get to run across the front ends of the kayaks when they’re all floating together!) and hanging out in their kayaks. The kayakers then headed back to camp, where they re-joined the fishing group to have some free time as a whole camp. During free time, campers got the chance to rest, hang out, eat some snack, paint their pinch pots, and talk about their respective days.
At 6 pm, after free time, we headed to the dining hall for a wonderful evening meal-everyone has been enjoying the yummy camp food so much that we get frequent requests for seconds! After dinner, we headed to the Opera House to play an Inclusion Game-campers got a chance to wear a different hat, literally. The staff handed out hats, each with a different way of being treated on it-some hats said “Be nice to me!” and some said “Ask me questions,” etc. After being treated according to the slogan on their hats, campers had a chance to come together and discuss how it felt to always be treated a certain way-we talked about treating each person with respect and about getting to know a person before deciding how to treat them.
We finished up our evening with a rousing rendition of taps, and then headed to our cabins to take showers and get some sleep!

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