Today was a fantastic day.  We started off the day with an insightful game Wearing Different Hats.  Each camper was given a cone with a sticker on it describing how to treat them, such as “give me a high five” and “ignore me.”  The campers had 10 minutes to interact with as many different people as possible.  After the 10 minutes, the campers were broken up into groups, depending on their sticker, and counselors led them all through a debriefing of what it was like being treated a certain way, and how this might translate into how they treat others who are different.  The campers were all very insightful during this debrief, showing deep understanding of different perspectives.

Two of the groups today took a hike to the cave and had lunch.  They then made pet rocks and  participated in bug catching.  The third group built different things out of popsicle sticks.  All the groups completed a teambuilding activity, and enjoyed some nature exploration and play.  It was a fun day in the Canyon!

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