For a first of this summer, the Juniors went to Eldorado Canyon Pool today. After singing Tarzan and the Swimming Song, we played the bus game. It was great to learn who else liked vanilla/chocolate ice cream, cats or dogs, vegetables or fruits, running or swimming, and more. For good measure, we sung a round of Mr. Sun. It worked! The sun came out to play in time for us to get to the pool. We slathered on sunscreen and each did a quick swim screen before playing in the Fun Zone, the Bathtub, and even some campers went down the slick slide. Everyone was having so much fun that it was tough to get out to eat lunch at the picnic tables! After lunch, we took a little time looking at books to let food settle before we re-sunscreened and got right back in. Before we knew it, it was time to load up the bus and leave. It was so fun to be at the pool with all the other campers today! We played a round of Who’s Missing? to make sure we knew everyone’s name–what a great job everybody did with that. We got back to base camp in time for a snack of delicious, juicy watermelon & our last songs of the day: Down By the Bay and On Top of Spaghetti. Rest up and get ready for tomorrow’s big activity. We’re going rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon!

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