Today was a fantastic day!  The Juniors joined us in the canyon for the day.  They sang songs with us, then headed out for some climbing.  We continued our morning ritual with a fun and hilarious game called Hog Call; campers were quietly told an animal they were to imitate, then all closed their eyes and, with their “bumpers” up and the counselors for boundaries, slowly walked around, making their animal noise, and trying to connect with other campers making the same noise.  They had a blast!  After this energizing start the cabin groups met.  While one group worked on a little team-building to prepare for climbing, two other groups went for an adventurous hike!  All the groups had a great time climbing with Rainbow, the guide, at Supremacy Rock.  The campers all worked hard to climb the rock face and offered each other encouraging words and support.  After climbing, the groups all worked on crafts and planned their shields.  We finished off the day with play time and, of course, songs.  It’s hard to believe the session, and the summer, are almost over, but we are certainly filling the last few days with fun!

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