Today, the Juniors took a trip into Eldorado Canyon again with all the other campers! After singing the Hippo Song and the Donut Song (Shave and a hair cut- shampoo!), we put on lots of sunscreen before walking down to our rock climbing spot. Everybody gave rock climbing a try, and did a rockin’ job! When we weren’t climbing, we worked on pipecleaner and popsicle stick creations. Time flew by; soon it was time for lunch. During lunch, Betsy told us the story of Shockdee and his wife, Serafina. We spent quite a lot of time looking for signs of the two of them. Someone even heard Shockdee calling for his wife. Ask your camper-they were all entranced by this Eldorado  Canyon mystery! We took a restful bus ride back to base camp, where we heard two bird stories: Egg Drop and Stellina. Next, we played before mixing our very own gorp for snack.

See you back tomorrow for the last day of camp for the summer!

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