Our final day was jam packed with lots of fun activities! We started out the day with an EPIC game of Predator Prey, where the Moth, Snake and Owl groups battled for food, shelter, water and prey.  Each group endlessly searched the canyon for resources while keeping watch for other groups that might do battle with them.  During battles, predators get to tag prey and they become members of the other team.  In the end, the Snake group won because of a chance card that gave them special venom to use against the owls.  All in all, the game was a fun way to teach campers about how the web of life works and what happens when humans disturb it.  Hungry campers got to eat lunch all together after the game.  Afterward, groups worked on their shields and made sponge bugs among other things.  For the afternoon, each group got a special treat! South Boulder Creek was running really slow, so campers got the opportunity to creek stomp for the first time this summer! Each person learned about river safety, put on life jackets and got to explore the shallow shore of the creek.  We found an old bit of plate, and a rock that looks like a dinosaur tooth! The day ended with snack, songs and a last day debrief of the summer.  Campers all told the group their favorite memories from the summer, and had a minute of silence to think about what and who they are thankful for.  We sang “On Top of Spaghetti” loud and proud for the final time and said our goodbyes before leaving on the bus.  It was a fun summer, and all of the counselors will miss each and every camper! We hope every one has a great school year and comes back next year!

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