The Boulder JRs had an exciting day today. We went on a scavenger hunt to help find Shock-T’s wife Sarafina (Go on our Blog to find out the Story about  Shock-T or ask your campers), Shock-T left us clues in canyon that let us on a adventurous hike to a cave, there we all got a present from Shock-t (red pipe-cleaners). Long hike that everyone did amazing on, we saw climbing, birds, bugs and of course got to explore the cave. When we Eldorado got back to camp we had the Common Body presentation, the campers  learned about Tai Chi, and tortilla sushi snacks (that we all made) and learned about good go foods, playing red light, green light. Then we wrote a thank you note to Shock-T and debriefed on how everyones day went.


Check out our letter to Shock-T! 

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