We had a wonderful second day of our session! We began our second day in camp up in Eldorado Canyon, where we sang the Moose Song and the Beaver Song–ask your camper to do the beaver call! Then, we played a quick game called Commonalities, where campers had a chance to learn about what they had in common. Then, the groups split up to apply sunscreen, fill up water bottles, and head out for their activities! The Blue Jay Mountains and the Goddesses and Midnight Ninjas headed down to the cave, where they ate lunch and made some awesome spongebugs, while the Griffinpuff Owls headed out on a butterfly hunt. Meanwhile, the Awesome Marching Overcooked jelly-bean-eating chickens headed on an epic hike of epicness–we made it all the way out of the Eldo Canyon State Park! While on the trek, we made some animal houses and discussed various scientific facts that we knew. It was awesome!

In the afternoon, we  ate some delicious gorp, made by Director Tommy, and relaxed while filling up on lots of water! We finished the day with The Canoe Song and our old standby, On Top of Spaghetti. Tomorrow we’re headed for the pool–should be lots of fun! See you there!

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