The Juniors had a big, exciting day up in Eldo today. When we got off the bus, we sang Boom Chicka Boom and played Evolution. It’s like rock-paper-scissors, but you get to change from an egg to a chicken to a dinosaur. We hiked over to the Ranger Station, where we made bug masks and named our group before lunch. Say hello to the Awesome Swimming Cats! Once we finished lunch, we trekked down to the cave and explored inside the mysterious place for a while. We hopped on the bus, came back to Base Camp to rest and listen to some poems. Then, we decided on our group code. This is how we agree to treat each other for the rest of the week. During our gorp snack, we went over everyone’s names again–this time with their bug masks on. It was super tricky! Enjoy the holiday and see you Thursday!

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