This morning we went back to Eldorado to stay cool in the canyon.  We sang Boom Chicka and Little Red Wagon with the rest of camp.  We then got to play Evolution as a large group, too!  Being eggs, chickens, dinosaurs, robots, and aliens was fun!

We hiked down to the cave just in time to have delicious lunch with a couple of other camp groups that were there.  Along the way we did a lot of climber watching and being careful with cars coming up the road by yelling “flood” when we needed to get to the side of the road and stand still!

After lunch we headed back to base camp to enjoy some free time.  It felt super hot outside so the counselors set up a hose and a sprinkler so everyone could cool off.  Feeling soaked, we played outside a bit more to dry off, then sat down for snack and went inside for a relaxing end of the day story time.

Tomorrow afternoon we get to practice archery – can’t wait!  See you then!

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