We had a great climbing day today in the canyon! We began our day with some groovy morning songs, including Boom-Chicka-Boom, Little Red Wagon, and One Hen, Two Ducks. Then, we played a fun game of Evolution–campers played rock, paper, scissors to grow from eggs to chickens to dinosaurs! After sunscreening and drinking some water, groups got started with their day. Every group had lots of time to climb, which was very exciting! In addition, groups did various teambuilding games, created tumblebugs, learned orienteering, and created marblized paper. In the afternoon, we opened the 2012 time capsule–it was exciting to see what groups had put in last summer! We ate some delicious gorp mixed by the Old Cray-Cray Men with Purple Beards–the gorp was called “The gorpiest gorp you’ve ever seen with Double Rainbows and Purple Beardz.” Yum! We closed our day with a lovely rendition of On Top of Spaghetti, and then packed up the bus and headed home! Tomorrow is pool day–we’ll see you there!

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