To kick off the fifth session of the summer, the Denver Juniors stayed behind at Denver Base Camp  for morning activities.  To start everything off, we sang “Sloopy,” and “The Penguin Song,” and we played a nice long game of Ship-Island.  Immediately following songs and games, everyone had the opportunity to design their own water bottles.  We have some fantastic young artists this week, and we had a ton of fun listening to campers as they described their new water bottle designs.

In the afternoon, Conrad picked us up in the big yellow bus and drove us to the beautiful Morrison Nature Center.  It was a hot day, but campers enjoyed hiking around the park after putting on a thick layer of sunscreen.  

We closed the afternoon with quiet versions of “Sloopy,” and “Ho Hey,” the latter of which is quickly becoming a Denver Junior specialty.  It was a great day for all, and we are eagerly awaiting our trip to the National Wildlife Refuge tomorrow.

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