This morning we hopped on the bus and got to sing a couple of songs like Brown Squirrel and the Moose Song with everyone at camp.  We parted ways with the older campers and got to spend time at South Mesa trailhead.  The weather was cool and pleasant and we even had some clouds to keep us from getting too hot!

We played a silly game of Toilet Tag and then Poison Frog before heading out for a scavenger hunt hike.  Those games got us good and hungry for lunch, which we hate below a shady tree.  After lunch we did some tree climbing (with spotters) and then did a really fun dinosaur egg hunt!

We rode the bus back to base camp and had a little free time before making play dough.  While our play dough got mixed we did an exciting balloon toss!  We then made some dinosaur eggs with the play dough we made.  The dinosaur eggs are going to dry for one or two days but once campers bring some home they will be able to crack them open because there’s a dinosaur capsule inside (really!).  This dinosaur capsule, once retrieved from the inside of the play dough, gets soaked in water.  Once the capsule dissolves there will magically appear a dinosaur!

We finished the day with a late snack of watermelon and GORP!  I’m looking forward to heading up to Wondervu for camp tomorrow – see you then!

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